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The average attention span is 8.25 seconds. Get your prospects the answers they need, instantly!
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Your AI-powered Sales Assistant

  • Accurately respond to prospects questions 24/7
  • SDRs and AEs aren't cheap! Let your best people focus on demos, not customer chat queries
  • Contextually ask follow up questions based on page and content
  • Always cite your sources
  • Prompt prospects with specific actions such as “Book a Demo” or “View Case Studies”
  • Help customers navigate your website or docs - find hard-to-locate and answer nuanced questions
  • Store question logs in your CRM by account

Effortless Out-of-the-Box Experience with Custom Configuration Capabilities

  • See question logs and Sidekick's AI answers within the dashboard
  • Instruct Sidekick how to refine it's answers
  • Leverage fine-grained control over sensitive topics
  • No setup overhead initially to get started. Sidekick automatically gets smarter over time
No more annoying pop-up chatbots that prospects X out immediately
No more “sorry all our reps are offline”
No more forced email collection to get a response
Delight your prospects with a personalized experience

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