October 16, 2023


Search Form Factor [🔎 Our biggest update yet]

Today we are excited to announce our new Sidekick form factor!

What is our new form factor?

  • It’s a design that looks similar to google search or chat gpt
  • It evokes trustworthiness, helpfulness, and a concierge style ‘apple store genius’ vibe
  • It lives at the bottom of your webpage and folllows you on your journey as your browse
  • It both expands and collapses for an optimized user experience

Why did we build a new form factor?

  • End users have PTSD from chatbots!
  • Frustrated with not getting answers, chatbots being offline, or forcing you to enter your email to proceed to a next step
  • Direct feedback from 100s of end users

How do you enable SideKick?

  • Login to your account: dashboard.penguinai.app
  • Click on “Settings” (on the left navigation bar)
  • Click on “Profile” (on the top navigation bar)
  • Click the button

And that’s it!

Happy Hunting!

Penguin AI Team