December 13, 2023


Slack Notification Filters

Today we are excited to announce our new Slack Notification Filters!

What are Slack Notifications Filters?

  • Filters that allow you to refine your slack notifications
  • Refine by Company Location, Sector, Industry, Employee Count, Company Annual Revenue, Prospect Role, Prospect Seniority, Site Visits, Company Type, and more!

Why did we build Slack Notification Filters?

  • To help busy sales and marketing team reduce distractions and focus on their ICP leads
  • As a direct result of feedback from companies like Lightsource.AI,, and more!

How do you setup Slack Notification Filters?

  • Login to your account:
  • Click on “Settings” (on the left navigation bar)
  • Click on “Slack” (on the top navigation bar)
  • Click “Connect Your Slack”
  • Chose the slack channel you’d like your notifications in (or create a new channel) and click “Allow”
  • Return to the Penguin Dashboard and navigate back to “Slack Settings”
  • Click the check box next to “Leads” ☑️
  • Select your preferred filters
  • Click “Save Settings”

And that’s it!

You can change your filters anytime you’d like by editing and clicking “Save Settings”

Pro Tip: Don’t over filter! While it may make sense to leave out “Education” or “Government” from Company Type, we don’t recommend filtering too much on Sector or Industry. Start with a limited about of filters and reach out to your Penguin AI rep for guidance if you need help.

Happy Hunting!

Penguin AI Team